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CGS-CIMB Securities Malaysia is a joint venture between CIMB Group Sdn. Bhd. and China Galaxy International Financial Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Galaxy Securities Co. Ltd.

We have established a global presence in over 20 countries, with a core focus on providing informative research analysis on financial products, such as Islamic Stockbroking, eIPO, Futures, and more.

As a result of the merge between two of Asia's leading stockbroking powerhouses, we seek to leverage on the expertise, innovative technology, and extensive network of our shareholders to facilitate greater investment and capital flows in ASEAN.

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Merge of Two Asia’s Leading Stockbroking Powerhouses

As one of the pioneer stockbrokers in Southeast Asia, CGS-CIMB Securities is ranked top three by market share for broking houses in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.


Licensed and Regulated

  • Bursa Malaysia Berhad
  • Securities Commission Malaysia

1 Account. 1 Login. 
8 Global Exchanges to Trade In

No more managing several accounts to trade local and foreign shares.

Access 8 exchanges globally - Bursa Malaysia, SGX, HKEX, SET, IDX, NYSE, NASDAQ and NYSE MKT LLC - with only a single login. (For Trade Beyond account only)

We've Got Your Back with an Award-Winning Research Team

Lack of financial literacy?
No time to find the next winning stock?

Grow your knowledge as you trade by tapping into our 
research coverage of over 800 stocks across the region. That's expertise from over 70 winning analysts and economists to guide
 your trading decisions.

Subscribe for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Online via eIPO

Investing in IPOs gives you a chance to own a part of a successful business. The process is fast, easy and fully online. You'll get the balloted results through auto-email notifications.

Trade the Way You Want, 
Online or Offline

Online: Trade on the go via the iTrade mobile application, or visit the iTrade Web Portal on your browser to access enhanced features.

Offline: Call us to place offline trades
 via phone order placement.

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Trade Beyond

Trade Local and Foreign Shares with No Minimum Deposits 

No amount is too small. Simply deposit the most comfortable amount into your Trade Beyond account to start trading.

Earn Interest* Even When You're Not Trading

Earn interest at prevailing market rates on your deposit balance while waiting for trade opportunities. Withdraw anytime at zero withdrawal fees.
*Interest not applicable for Islamic accounts.

Brokerage Fee As Low As 0.08%

Reach your financial goals faster with low fees. Trade Bursa shares online at brokerage rate as low as 0.08% or a minimum of RM8.

Accumulate Your Trades to Enjoy Lower Fees

All your trades will be counted towards cumulative turnover without resetting to zero as long as you keep trading, which earns you subsequent lower brokerage fees.

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Get 8% cashback + fee waiver (worth RM10)*

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Account Type:

Margin Lite

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Buy More of Your Winning Stocks with Margin of Financing up to 65%

Boosts your investment power up to 2.8x so you don’t miss out on golden opportunities.

Keep More Profits with Brokerage Fee As Low As 0.15%

Enjoy leverage and low brokerage fee (as low as 0.15% or a minimum of RM8) at the same time to keep a bigger pie of your earnings.

Low Interest Rate / Profit Rate at 5.88% p.a.

Take advantage of the affordable interest rate / profit rate at 5.88% p.a. for the first 18 calendar days from the drawdown date and subsequently at 9.88% p.a.

Unlock Almost 100% of Your Asset Value

Up to 100% mark-to-market shares valuation on the majority of shares listed on Bursa Malaysia, except warrant/ loan stocks. 

Hassle-Free Settlement

Enjoy hassle-free settlement as margin auto pick up all trades.

Get RM188 Welcome Bonus + 8% cashback + fee waiver (worth RM80)*

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Stand a chance to win

The Backbone to Your Trading Success

Access intuitive tools on the CGS-CIMB platform - iTrade, designed to support you in every stage of your investment journey.


Have a specific risk tolerance? Screen over 6,000 stocks based on a 4-Star rating and risk rating system to help you trade confidently.

(via iTrade)

Charting Tools

The new Charting Service provides you with:
- Additional Drawing Tools
- Scaling Tools
- Globally Search for Stocks

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Register for a new account by 30 April 2022 to enjoy the fee waivers.

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Upon account approval, start trading to automatically be enrolled in the 8CITING REWARDS campaign.

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Best Domestic Brokerage Malaysia 

Best Brokerage for
Research Malaysia

Bursa Excellence Awards, 2020 (9 awards)

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Trade Bursa Malaysia and global stocks in real-time

Find potential stocks in seconds with our iScreener trading tool

Invest confidently with risk ratings for over 6,000 stocks

How to start trading?
Create an account online with CGS-CIMB by providing your details and relevant documents. Once the approval process is completed, your account will be activated and ready for use.

What are the exchanges I can trade online?
Trade Beyond: 
· Bursa Malaysia Securities (Bursa Malaysia)
· Singapore Exchange (SGX)
· Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX)
· Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
· Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
· New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
· New York Stock Exchange MKT LLC (NYSE MKT LLC)
· National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) 

Margin Lite: 
· Bursa Malaysia Securities (Bursa Malaysia)

What is the minimum age requirement to open a trading account?
Trade Beyond: Individuals aged 18 and above. 
Margin Lite: Individuals aged 21 and above. 

What are the account opening fees?
· RM10 CDS Account Opening Fee* (Applicable for Trade Beyond and Margin Lite)
· RM70 Documentation Fee*
 (Applicable for Margin Lite only)

· Stamp Duty
 (Applicable for Margin Lite only)

· Principal Agreement
 - Ad Valorem 0.5% of the Facility Limit 
   (100% refund of stamp duty if the gross brokerage generated within 12 months, is more than or equal to 3 times the stamp duty amount.)

· Subsidiary Agreement - 
RM10 each

*Waived for account registrations before 30 Apr 2022 

*T&C Apply

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  • 1x multiple cash
  • Up to 1x multiple share
  • Margin Financing Account

  • 2.8x multiple cash (MYR)
  • 1.8x multiple foreign cash
  • 1.8x multiple share

  • Trade on Bursa Malaysia only
  • Accept quoted shares on Bursa Malaysia, SGX, HKEx and US Markets (NYSE & NASDAQ) as collaterals

  • As low as 0.15% (min. RM8)*

  • Nominee CDS Account

Margin Lite

Trade Beyond

  • Trade on Bursa Malaysia, SGX, HKEx, SET, IDX, NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE MKT LLC


Trading Limit

  • Cash Trading Account

Brokerage Rate

CDS Account Type

  • As low as 0.08% (min. RM8)*

  • Direct CDS Account

*T&C Apply