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CGS-CIMB Futures Sdn Bhd (“CGS-CIMB Futures”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CGS-CIMB Securities Sdn Bhd (“CGS-CIMB Securities”) following a strategic partnership between CIMB Group Holdings Bhd and China Galaxy Securities Co. Ltd. 

Incorporated on 5 February 1993, CGS-CIMB Futures, with a paid-up capital of RM10,000,000, is a holder of a Capital Market Services Licence to carry on the business of dealing in derivatives. 

CGS-CIMB Futures is also a trading participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Bhd (“BMDB”) and a clearing participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing Bhd. 

CGS-CIMB Futures provides full brokerage services for BMDB’s broad range of exchange-listed derivatives products and facilitates trading in recognized foreign exchange-listed derivatives products.

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We are a Licensed 

Offers a wide range of futures products

 from local and global exchanges for clients to trade in both regular, mini or micro-sized contracts


· Gold
· Tin
· Copper
· Platinum



· Crude Oil
· Heating Oil
· Natural Gas



· Crude Palm Oil
· Crude Palm
· Kernel Oil RBD
· Palm Olein Oat
· Soybeans


Stock Index

· FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI Futures 
· HKEX Hang Seng
· SGX FTSE Taiwan
· SGX Nikkei 225
· CME E-
Mini S&P 500

Stock Index

Treasury & Interest Rate

· 10-Year U.S. Notes 
· 3-Month Kuala Lumpur Interbank Offered Rate 
· 3-Year Malaysian Government Securities

Treasury & Interest Rate

Every business day

24 hours technical support

Reliable trading tools

Provide timely & accurate market information such as alerts & chartings 

Upcoming Events

Free webinars

Gain professional insights and commentary

Satisfied Clients Served

Generate a minimum gross brokerage of USD 300 with CGS-CIMB Futures from trading CME Products for the period 1 April 2022 to 31 December 2022.


1st   RM5,000

2nd     RM3,500

3rd     RM2,000

4th 15th      RM900

16th25th   RM500

Qualifying Criteria


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Individuals are to trade these 26 CME Futures Contracts
to participate!

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1.  Micro E-Mini S&P 500

2. E-Mini S&P 500 

3. Micro E-Mini Nasdaq 100 

4. E-Mini Nasdaq 100 

5. Micro E-Mini Dow Jones 
    Industrial Average 

6. E-Mini Dow ($5) 

7. Micro E-Mini Russell 2000

08. Soybeans

09. Soybean Oil

10. Soybean Meal

11. Corn

12. Wheat

13. Oats 

14. Platinum

15. 100oz Gold 

16. E-Mini Gold (50oz) 

17. Micro Gold (10oz) 

18. Silver (5000oz) 

19. Micro Silver (1000oz)

20. Copper

21. Light Crude Oil

22. E-Mini Crude Oil

23. Brent Crude Oil 
       Last Day

24. Heating Oil 
      (NY Harbor ULSD)

25. Natural Gas

26. E-Mini Natural Gas

For new  
account holders


For existing clients with global account

For new account holders

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Here's Why Day Traders


High Liquidity

Easier to execute a trade quickly and at the desired price

Futures Contract

A futures contract is an agreement between two parties to buy or sell the underlying instrument at a specific time in the future at a specific price determined today.


A stock represents fractional ownership of equity in an organization 

No Leverage

Pay the full
purchase price to own the stock

High Leverage

Control a large contract value with a relatively small amount of margin (5-20% of the contract value)

Trade Around 
The Clock

Futures products trade overnight, and some markets operate 24/7 (eg. the stock index futures market)

Short Market Hours

 eg. NYSE operates from
9.30am - 4pm Eastern time, that is
9.30pm - 4am Malaysian time

Profit 2 ways

Go long or short, profit from bullish as well as bearish trends

Low liquidity

Liquidity can be an issue when trading certain individual stocks and attempting to get a fill at the desired price

Short Selling

Not all stocks can be shorted,
due to market regulations,
causing missed opportunities

Futures Trading Broker

How To Win

Prefer Futures Over Stocks

How to start futures trading?
Create an account online with CGS-CIMB Futures by providing your details and relevant documents. Once the approval process is completed, your account will be activated and ready for use.

What is the platform I should use to join this campaign?
Trade via QST@CGS-CIMB (desktop/mobile) for Specified Exchanges.
Watch demo video here

How can I manage my risk trading Futures?
"Stop” and “Stop Limit” orders can be used to manage your risk by limiting downside losses and potentially locking in profits. 

Sam bought 1 Soybean Oil July 2022 contract at $82.00. A few days later, Soybean Oil prices plunged to $70.00. 

a) Stop order was NOT used
Sam did not take any measures to manage his risk for his long position in the Soybean Oil July contract. Sam will suffer an unrealized loss of 12 points ($7200).

Calculation: 12 points / 0.01 x $6 = a loss of $720 

b) Stop order was used 
After Sam bought 1 Soybean Oil July 2022 contract, he immediately placed a stop order at $80.00. Sam’s losses will only be limited to the 2.00 points ($1200) when the Soybean Oil market hits $80.00. The stop order will be executed and his trading position will be exited. 

Calculation: 2 points / 0.01 x$6 = a loss of $1200 

- Calculation = points / 0.01 x $6.00 = profit/losses 
- 0.01 is the minimum tick size of the product 
- $6.00 is the minimum tick value of the product

How much initial margin do I need to deposit?
You are required to place up-front cash as an Initial Margin (the minimum value is determined by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing Sdn Bhd, which may differ from time to time) before trading. The required amount depends on the type and number of contracts that you intend to trade.

Eg. Trading 1 Micro Gold (10oz) contract requires an initial margin of US$ 792, whereas 1 Soybean Oil contract is US$ 3,025. 

Call the number on our website to obtain the latest information from our representatives.
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Access To Global Derivatives

I get access to global derivatives and the platform has many features which are quite easy to use. Account opening is easy and fast too.

Marcus Kim, 41


Knowledgeable & Responsive

CGS-CIMB Futures service has been very efficient, responsive, knowledgeable and always ready to provide good service.

Parvathy, 45
General Manager


Ride On The Latest
Market Trends

CGS-CIMB Futures offers a wide variety of products from multiple exchanges that allows me to diversify my trading portfolio and easily ride on the latest market trends.

Thomas Lee, 28


My Preferred Broker

CGS-CIMB Futures is my preferred broker because they offer a wide variety of products that I can trade. This allows me to diversify and gain exposure to the latest energy and agricultural trends.

Mohammad Hasif, 33
Real Estate Agent



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